About I-Flight Studios

I-Flight is about professionalism. It is taking what we see with the naked eye and looking at it from a bird’s eye view. It is about getting that special event made into a memory that will last forever. You’ve heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” – but we also believe “A video tells you a story.”

Our Team

Andrew Scholes

My name is Andrew Scholes and I am the owner of I-Flight Studios. I am the youngest of three children and I grew up in a small Eastern Idaho community of Rigby, Idaho. In 2013 I graduated from Rigby High School and I spent the summer working as a videographer and learning a variety of skills. Some of the more common videos I have created are weddings, commercials, aerial videography for real estate, all using high end DJI products and using social media marketing to promote this work.

One thing my family loves to do is spend time watching movies together. We would watch movies or TV shows and look for flaws and watch for bad transitions. By being exposed to movies and TV in general, I developed a love for film and the process it took to create great entertainment. I have lived my entire life in Rigby with the exception of two years in northern Virginia on the East Coast. It was in this area when my love for film grew. I was exposed to historical landmarks, a diverse group of people, and a plethora of creative ideas.

Since I owned my first still-shot camera at ten years old to the new Canon 6D I currently own, I have learned many things and gained a lot of experience. Creating video is a process that tells a story and not something that can be hastily put together. It has to be looked at from every angle including a bird’s eye view. I have learned to be creative and adapt to many different circumstances. The team of I-Flight Studios has 20 years of experience and we look forward to working with you to bring you a video that tells your story. For more information, please fill out the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page.

Benjamin Greenwood

My name is Benjamin Greenwood. I grew up in Maple Valley, Washington which is about 45 minutes southeast of Seattle. I graduated from Tahoma High School in 2012 and I spent the summer working with my father learning new skills. I moved to northern Virginia for two years and spent a lot of time visiting Washington D.C. taking beautiful pictures and enjoying the history of America. Within the past few years I have been involved in filming and learning new techniques.

I belong to a family of four: my parents, myself, and my younger sister. I love playing sports, skateboarding, hiking, working out and just being active. I love the outdoors and capturing the beauty on film. Spending quality time with family playing sports is something I enjoy the most.

I currently attend BYU-Idaho with the major of communication and emphasis of Visual Media. Within the last few years I have been privileged to meet many people who have influenced me to go into communications.

Stuart Nielson

Stuart Nielson leads in Production Management and is skilled in Social Media Marketing. He has had over 5 years experience in project management. He has had 2 years experience in SMM consulting, as well as creating and carrying out SMM plans. He currently lives in Utah.

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